S Group, a Kansas City video production company, utilizes combined concepts of motion design and video production to visually tell your story.  From concept to creation, the S Group process is fully communicative and engaging.  Versatility and experience allow S Group to provide high quality creative services that meet any need. S Group offers an unparalleled level of service that fosters a continuing relationship with their collaboarative partners.

Motionography [mo-shun-ah-gra-fee]

  • The creative execution of taking a 3D or 2D object or image and making it move with in a visual plane.
Translation: We make stuff move and we make stuff that doesn't move, well, move.

Videography [vid-ee-og-ruh-fee]

  • The art or process of making pictures of motion with a camera.
Translation: We shoot video.

Post Production [pohst-pruh-duhk-shuhn]

  • The technical process of editing and post-synchronization, necessary to ready filmed or recorded work for sale or exhibition.
Translation: We edit video.

Producing [pro-duce-ing]

  • One who supervises and controls the finances, creation and presentation of a film, program or similar work.
Translation: We are orgainized and make things happen.