A creative boutique that specializes in premier video production and motion graphics design located in the "Heart of 'Merica" in Kansas City.  S Group believes the strongest, most creative and innovative work comes from working directly with a small focused group of creative people.


Ryan Stadlman 

Director of Visual Stuff

Creatively thinking since 1975, one goal has always remained consistent: Tell The Story. A graduate with a BFA in studio art and transitioning from traditional media to the digital platform of today has created the foundation needed in executing and delivering “The Story.”

With over a decade of experience in broadcast and video production Ryan has worked with the top broadcast networks: ESPN, Fox, TBS, CMT, ABC, TLC, MTV and even Animal Planet. A vast capability deck allows Ryan to “Tell The Story” and deliver award-winning productions. A 3 time Emmy award winning director, producer and director of photography, and an 11 time Telly award winning director are just some of the many accolades that have been achieved.

However, as rewarding as accolades and recognition are, Ryan believes what is most important is creating long-term relationships with clients and expect strong, original and creative ideas that work! 


Stephanie Gazonas

Executive Producer

A strategic collision of left and right-brained power ensures a branded delivery that is unmatched. A graduate of Arizona State in business and dance laid the beginning foundation of creative and business execution.

Over a decade of experience in all genres of traditional media: print, radio and television including Senior Managing Editor of a national womens magazine, to overseeing social media strategies and marketing for some of the most recognized organizations in the Midwest.  Stephanie will not only design a plan specific to your brand but will DELIVER beyond any expectation.

Stephanie’s core philosophy is: With exceptional work the results are endless. In order to deliver the exceptional idea the importance of communication, research, collaboration,  market understanding (and did we mention COMMUNICATION) are vital to the S Group creative process.

The end goal for Stephanie is simple: RESULTS